Bride and Prejudice

A very Bollywood movie despite being in English. It deserved a rating of 5/10 but we bumped it to 6/10 because of Ashwarya’s good looks.

Bride and Prejudice is very much like an Indian movie. It is definitely more Bollywood than Austen. Given the Bollywood nature of the movie, we had an odd perception issue: We didn’t expect English from Ashwarya Rai et al, so it was not only odd hearing it but also difficult to understand at first.

The movie had a number of formulaic plot twists which could be anticipated miles in advance. There was also some monologues with Ashwarya Rai’s character lecturing about India and so on.

Overall, Bride and Prejudice deserved a rating of 5/10, but both Amber and I agree that Ashwarya Rai’s good looks should count for something and that bumps my rating to 6/10.

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6 thoughts on “Bride and Prejudice”

  1. Bride and prejudice is more of a flick to enter the world outside bollywood.

    Aishwarya rai’s english is, in my opinion, far better than of “Reema ‘Khan’” of Pakistani film industry.


    For story, this one was 3.5/10 …!

  2. I wonder if Tom Cruise or Kate speak Urdu and acts in Eastern fashion, would they look more or less awful then Aishwaria et al…

  3. Funny about the good looks getting another point. I actually loved that movie – even saw it in the theatre the weekend it came out. 🙂 But then i love anything along the Pride and Prejudice theme….just love Austen and all the copiers… i even own the 6 part bbc miniseries.

  4. Asma: Aswarya’s English in the movie is good actually.

    Dad: My experience here is that Indians speak somewhat better English than Pakistanis, though there are large variations in both groups.

    Fahd: Did Ashwarya act in a “western fashion”? I didn’t see it.


    i even own the 6 part bbc miniseries.

    I have seen it as well. It’s good.

  5. Pride and Prejudice

    Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice has been made into multiple movies and TV series. This latest version is good, though not as good as the BBC miniseries. I rate it 7/10.

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