A View of Islamabad

A panoramic view of Islamabad from the Margalla hills by my friend, Khawar.

This is a sort of guest post as the panoramic photograph of Islamabad below was taken by my friend, Khawar, who is visiting Pakistan nowadays.

A Panoramic View of Islamabad, Pakistan

I think it was a combination of 7 photos taken from somewhere in the Margalla Hills. You can see Faisal Mosque on the right.

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14 thoughts on “A View of Islamabad”

  1. That’s a nice view. The city does look hot and steamy, though. I suspect that a panorama taken at night would have much to recommend it.

  2. Margalla Hills are nothing less than majestic. If you look at them by standing in Islamabad, they merely look cool, but if you start traversing them, then you get to know the real beauty. If you climb them up from the other side (not from Islamabad, that is), the views are stunning, the scenery is breath-taking. You feel that you are in some different world, if not on a different planet. Every face of Margalla is uniquely pretty. Highly recommended.

  3. Captain Arrrgh,

    I think its fog there; if it was hot and steamy, it wouldn’t be that green.


    not only it seems you are in Florida, but also it shows that you are traveling around there! 😉

  4. Couldn’t visit this blog for a few days being busy you know what.

    Margalla Hills are a gift of God. Our President wanted to destroy it’s beauty by drilling a tunnel and the Prime Minister by allowing a hotel at the middle height on way to Peer Sohawa. God saved it becuse unexpectedly some people fought well to get it deleted from the plan.

    As you know we can have clear good view of Margalla from our terrace and also from the Study Room. Even now, while writing, I can turn my neck 40 degrees and see large length of Margalla.

  5. Captain Arrrgh: I think Kianoush is right, it’s fog. The photos were taken at 8am in the morning so I don’t expect it to be so hot.

    Mariam: It definitely should. There’s lots of natural beauty there, especially in the northern areas.

  6. Kianoush: This photograph was taken probably about 10 km (may be less) north of Islamabad. The earthquake epicenter was about 80 km northeast of Islamabad.

  7. Hi Zack,
    I like your panoramic view of Islamabad. Great shot.
    Would it be possible to use it as a backdrop for a photo-montage which will show futuristic buildings inserted onto the current landscape ?

  8. hakim: As I mentioned, this photograph is not mine. My friend is the one you need to ask. If you email me (blog AT my domain) the details of what use you are planning for this, I can forward the email to my friend.

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