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Earthquake Relief Day

Desi Pundit (hat tip: Chapati Mystery) has called for organizing a day on October 26 for raising awareness to help the quake victims in South Asia.

More than 50,000 people died in the October 8 earthquake and millions were displaced. As winter approaches the mountainous area, these people need all kinds of help, including food and shelter.

Please donate to a charity of your choice for the relief effort. Your help will be appreciated.

You can also donate to Chapati Mystery’s personal drive or even buy a T-shirt from him with the profits going to the quake relief.

Personally, I donated to the Edhi Foundation. They don’t have an online presence, but the proceeds of Chapati Mystery’s personal drive will be given to them and Association for the Development of Pakistan also have an Edhi Foundation fund (along with others). If you are in the US, you can mail Edhi Foundation a check (which is what we did) at:

Earthquake Relief in Pakistan
Bilqis Edhi Relief Foundation
4207 National St
Corona, NY 11368-2444

They are a registered charity with a Tax ID of 11-345067. Their phone number is (718) 639-5120.

For more information about the quake and relief efforts, check out:

Please help spread the word!

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