Ocoee Whitewater Rafting

About four months ago, a friend and I went whitewater rafting in the Ocoee river in Tennessee. We had done the middle portion of the river before, so we decided to do both the upper (a part of which was used for the Olympics) and the middle Ocoee. Double the time in the river, double the fun! I asked Amber if she wanted to go, but while she likes paddling on a regular river, she’s afraid of whitewater. And Michelle is still too young.

Rafting the Ocoee
Whitewater rafting
Enjoying the whitewater
Having fun in Ocoee River
Ocoee River, Tennessee
Rapids are great

Our rafting guide was a crazy old fellow who was a lot of fun and who purposely flipped our raft at one point. Floating in the river was nice, but the girls on our raft were not amused. The girls were from Mississippi and had the Southern accents that you don’t hear at all in Atlanta. During our conversation, the topic of agnosticism came up and one of the girls equated that with atheism. It was interesting to see her expression at the mention of agnostics/atheists. I guess there aren’t that many in the rural South.

By Zack

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  1. Your rafting pictures came out well. The Ocoee is certainly more fun when both the upper and middle portions are rafted in series.

  2. hhhhuummm seems like u had loads and loads of fun…..but i am scared of water jst da thought of it…..aaaahhhhhh
    no way not even in ma dreams i wana be in water
    take care
    keep on enjoyin life

  3. Captain Arrrgh: Agreed.

    Zenia: My wife, Amber, is also afraid of water but she still enjoys rafting in still water.

    Safiyyah: The rafting outfitters had a couple of guys with digital cameras on the side of the river.

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