Georgia Aquarium

Reading Photodude’s blog and seeing his great Georgia Aquarium gallery reminded me that we went to the aquarium several months ago and the photographs from that visit are still sitting on my hard drive. So here they are.


When we went, the aquarium was very crowded. We thought Michelle would be cranky because of the crowds, but she is such a fish-lover (“fish” was her second word) that she remained excited and happy. She was particularly excited at the huge viewing window where she ran from one end to the other pointing out all kinds of fish.

By Zack

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  1. I was a bit averse to going to this because of the overcrowding and as a former teacher I’m so used to these being field trips. Do you think it would be recommended even if one did not have children? The pictures look stunning.

  2. Good pictures. Children are generally fish-loving. The only thing I remember of my being a little kid is that we used to be taken to Tawi, a river with crystal clear water only about 1 km from our house in Jammu and we used to see and try to catch the fish in small cotton bag.

  3. Shabana: There are other things to look forward too as well.

    Aisha: I think it is worth visiting, though go on a weekday if you can.

  4. Atlanta’s Latest Attraction

    The other day I went to Georgia Aquarium, but forgot to take my camera. The good news was that I had my cell phone with me. I thought this one might be artistic!

  5. My mom has a membership and goes pretty frequently. She keeps wanting to take my toddler but I think she’s afraid of the crowds. She has said that it’s stunning though, and highly recomends their restaurant/cafeteria for lunch. I’m looking forward to going at some point.

    Awesome pics!

  6. vonaurum: Thanks.

    Emily: We wanted to get the annual pass as well but were too late.

    As for the crowds, weekdays are much better.

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