This is not actually a movie review of Goodfellas. Rather, it is a rant about my forgetfulness. I got the Goodfellas DVD as a result of Netflix queue malfunction. No, that’s not correct. I put this movie high up in the queue itself since it sounded interesting, had good reviews and sounded vaguely familiar. Did I say vaguely familiar? There was a reason for that but I didn’t realize it until we had watched half the movie. We had seen it before!

Yes it is an okay mafia movie. I would rate it 6/10.

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  1. It has been very long time that I have not seen a movie but in times when I used to you ask me about story of a feature movie and you will get a mixture of stories of two or more movies. This was what I used to remember about movies.

  2. I saw this movie many years ago so my memory is a bit shady on the subject but I remember loving it. I thought it was the best movie ever. However it was the first mafia movie I ever saw. Since then I see many with the same theme. So perhaps if I had seen it after the others I would not have been so impressed.

  3. Renee & Aisha: Goodfellas is probably a good first mob movie but I have seen too many mob movies and some parts look all the same.

    Dad: I remember how you used to mix up stories. 🙂

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