So one fine evening I got a call from Captain Arrrgh that we should go see the movie 300 which is about the Battle of Thermopylae (translated as Hot Gates in the movie) between the Spartans and Xerxes’s army.

The movie was very bad. There were strange cliches in the dialog like “freedom is not free,” “mysticism and tyranny” (about the Persians), “law and order,” etc. At times, the movie seemed like a very bad imitation of Lord of the Rings with giants, orc-like Persian soldiers and the Nazgûl-like immortals. Then there is no gravity for the Spartans. There isn’t even any military strategy on the part of the Greek army as they go out of the narrow passage between the mountains quite frequently. Xerxes is an effeminate giant man. Overall, it might have worked as a parody of Lord of the Rings and Matrix.

Then I came home and found out that the movie was based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel. That explains some of the movie’s badness but not all.

I rate it 2/10.

By Zack

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  1. it was okay i would give it atleast a 4.basically they just tried to make an over stylized sin city type of movie but unlike sin city this ws for some reason boring.

  2. Captain Arrrgh: Yeah. Up for Spiderman 3?

    rai: I loved Sin City. Sin City was great. 300 was nothing like Sin City.

  3. i never like movies of the old age wars. i only loved some real great movies like Troy and The last of samurai!!!

    even my sister has an original version of this movie “300” but thank god i refused to took it from her, and now after reading this review where u rated 2/10.lolz no way am gonna watch this…

    and yeah I just don’t like the Spiderman series any more:( they’re just playing crap now, changing the uniform and all…although it looks more appealing the black outfit.I only loved the first part of spiderman .

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