How Pakistani Are You?

Via Koonj, here is a quiz measuring my Pakistaniness.

Arey, you are 29% Pakistani!


Sorry yaar, that’s quite low. You’re either a Pakistani that’s strayed far from your roots, or a non-Pakistani with a little bit of spice in your character. A little bit more effort wouldn’t hurt!

How Pakistani are you? (first class number one!)
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May be Bloggers Pakistan can use these results instead of asking “What is a ‘LOTTA’”.

By Zack

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  1. Lol just 29 percent … I’m a proud 63 percent Pakistani 🙂

    Nice one … BTW … in the meanwhile try harder

  2. Asma: How can I try harder? In the last 9 years, I have spent only about a month in Pakistan.

    Jahanzaib: Someone said that he got more than 80%. So it’s definitely possible.

    Munira: Half-Pakistani?

  3. When i took this quiz it gamme first 51% result but when i planned to blog about it, and took it again for that graphic code it said i am 49%:) in either case am 50/50:D lolz

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