Inman Park Festival

During the last week of April, there is the Inman Park Festival in Atlanta. Inman Park is an old neighborhood of Atlanta.

We went to the festival this year which the Kid enjoyed very much. I have been lazy in uploading my photographs, but here they are, only 7 months late.

Festival 1
Festival 2
Festival 3
Festival 4
Festival 5
Festival 6
Festival 7
Festival 8
Festival 9
Festival 10
Festival 11
Festival 12
Festival 13
Festival 14
Festival 15
Festival 16
Festival 17
Festival 18

By Zack

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  1. So I finally get to see the parade portion of the day! 🙁 Miss you guys… i can’t even go geocaching without you guys.

  2. Renee: Yeah, I have done only one cache since you guys moved. When I mention geocaching to the Kid, she always talks about you guys.

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