The Lives of Others

A great movie about the spying of East German citizens by Stasi.

Das Leben der Anderen or The Lives of Others is a German movie about the totalitarian state of East Germany.

A playwright in East Berlin is being spied upon by the Stasi ostensibly for Western sympathies but really because a Minister is attracted to the playwright’s girlfriend. As the spying continues, the agent gets more sympathetic to the playwright and his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the playwright decides to write an article in the West German press about the high suicide rates in East Germany.

Overall, it’s a good movie which presents the main characters (playwright, his girlfriend and the stasi agent) as very human. It also shows the detailed spying that the East German state did on its citizens.

I rate the movie 9/10.

Das Boot

This is a very good and realistic portrayal of a German U-boat in World War II. While I loved the movie, the Director’s Cut was a bit long for me. I rate it 8/10.

Das Boot is a movie about a German U-boat during World War II.

As a submarine movie, it is great. Unlike other movies, it is very realistic, showing the claustrophobic quarters and the close contact of crew in a submarine very well.

One issue I had with the movie is that it seemed a bit longer than it should have been. I looked at my watch a few times while watching it. I guess I would have been better off watching the theatrical version (2.5 hours) instead of the Director’s cut (3.5 hours) that I watched.

Oh and I really liked the ending.

I would rate Das Boot 8/10.