Marriage: Between Cousins

Bill Allison had a post recently on the subject of cousin marriage recently:

Quite a sad story about marital practices in Saudi Arabia from Arab News, in particular, the practice of marrying daughters off to their cousins. An excerpt:

The final word comes from Maha, another woman.

“There is the tradition of keeping a girl for her cousin. The problem is that this tradition often pleases nobody, yet fathers never change their minds. Sometimes they want to keep the money in the family instead of sharing it with outsiders, who they suspect are only after the money. Sometimes they say that the family is socially below us. If a cousin is younger than me, they will accept him simply because he is a cousin. In fact, this is exactly what happened to me: I had to marry my cousin who was two years younger —- simply because my father and my cousin’s father had agreed to the marriage. I later discovered that my cousin was in love with another girl and he had promised to marry her. My cousin does not love me and I feel nothing for him. This is the price for our tradition of marrying girls to their cousins.”

I think I have enough blogger friends to correct me if I’m wrong (Aziz, Zack and Bin Gregory, I’m talking to you), but I believe that marrying daughters off to cousins is a tribal practice, rather than anything suggested or sanctioned by Islam. Or perhaps it’s a corruption of the tribal system stemming from Saudi rule.

[…]In the sad tale told by Maha, it’s worth remembering that while she and her dowery stays within the family, her cousin-husband is free to also marry the girl of his dreams, if he can afford to support her.

Cousin marriage is generally common in the Muslim world today. Take a look at the map showing the prevalence of cousin (1st and 2nd) marriages. However, I do not think these have anything to do with Islam. Rather, cousin marriages seem to be common due to tribal and family reasons, as Bill mentioned. According to modernist scholar Moiz Amjad:

To understand why Islam has not prohibited marriage between first cousins, it is imperative to first understand the scope of Islamic teachings, in general and its prohibitions, in particular.

The scope of Islamic teachings is limited to the individual and collective morality and spiritual well being of the people. […]Islam does not prohibit things for their medical or scientific repercussions. On the contrary, Islamic prohibitions are strictly related to the moral and spiritual repercussions of things or actions.

[…]The reason why Islam has declared certain relations as prohibited for marriage is to warrant a stable family structure for man, which, in turn, is one of the essential requirements for the socio-moral well being of man. Marriage between first cousins —- as opposed to marriage between brothers and sisters, for instance —- does not destabilize the family structure, even though it may have certain negative medical repercussions on the children born of such a marriage. Thus, Islam does not prohibit such a marriage.

According to the conservative Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid:

Al-hamdu lillah (All praise be to Allah). There is no objection whatsoever in the Islamic religion for a man to marry any of his relatives except al-maharim (those forbidden for marriage) whom Allah mentioned in surat al-nisaa’, 4:23 (interpretation of the meaning):

Prohibited to you (for marriage) are: your mothers, daughters, sisters; father’s sisters, mother’s sisters; brother’s daughters, sister’s daughters; foster-mothers (who breast-fed you), foster-sisters (who breast-fed from the same woman as you); your wives’ mothers; your step-daughters under your guardianship, born of your wives with whom you have consummated marriage, no prohibition if ye have not consummated; (those who have been) wives of your sons proceeding from your loins; and two sisters in wedlock at one and the same time, except for what is past; for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

Thus, when Allah mentioned for us the relatives to whom marriage is forbidden, we then come to know that there is no objection for the remainder of the family relations. Furthermore, there is no condition that it be the last resort as indicated in the question. Among the most prominent evidence of this fact is that the Prophet (peace be upon him) married his daughter Fatima to Ali (may Allah be pleased with them) and he is the son of her father’s uncle, as well as the marriage of the Prophet himself to Zainab bint Jahsh (may Allah be please with her) and she is his aunt’s daughter (i.e. his cousin); and there are many other such examples.

However, a different question may be asked, namely: “Is it better or preferable for a Muslim to marry someone he is not related to rather than a relative?”

The answer to this question varies from case to case, and perhaps it may be preferable to marry people who are non-relations, for example if one aspires to form new social ties or bonds, and regards the existence of a marriage relationship with a different family as constructive in widening the circle of social bonds.

In the US, cousin marriages are taboo and are banned in 24 states. According to recent research, there is an increased risk of genetic defects in the case of cousin marriages, though not at the level popularly believed.

First cousins are somewhat more likely than unrelated parents to have a child with a serious birth defect, mental retardation or genetic disease, but their increased risk is nowhere near as large as most people think, the scientists said.

In the general population, the risk that a child will be born with a serious problem like spina bifida or cystic fibrosis is 3 percent to 4 percent; to that background risk, first cousins must add another 1.7 to 2.8 percentage points, the report said.

Although the increase represents a near doubling of the risk, the result is still not considered large enough to discourage cousins from having children, said Dr. Arno Motulsky, a professor emeritus of medicine and genome sciences at the University of Washington, and the senior author of the report.

Next: Forced Marriage.

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  1. Sarah: While I am not in favor of cousin marriages, I don’t think they should be banned either.

    country: 7th cousin? That’s not much of a relation at all.

  2. Forced Marriage: Post #1

    See my first post in this series on cousin marriages here. I’ll start out by quoting from Amnesty International’s reports about forced marriages in Pakistan as well as what sometimes happens if a woman marries someone of her own choice….

  3. hello,im so much inlove with my first cousin and he is to me too..we are both now divorced ang a mature age people..we are thnking of getting married.. his ex wife is giving us a hard time about our relationship..(lover)he is far away from me but he visited me here where i am once and he is coming back very soon..his ex wife has written to all our family member about our realationship in details to make everyone angry,but its the opposite on what she has been expecting because nearly all our family has given their blessing .. the only thing im worried about is my two childrens,they are now adult but im sure they wont understand how we feel..beacause when they met my cousin they did not like him at all…
    i really do love him and i told him i will stand by him no matter what..
    please give me advice about this.. i know some of my brothers and sisters will go againts this marriage too..please help me what do i do…… i cannot live without him and he is to me too…

  4. how can i explain to my childrens (both adults)that im in love with my first cousin…and intending to marry eachother….

  5. beth: I can’t help you deal with your situation and your children. You’ll have to do it yourself. Good luck!

  6. There is nothing wrong with the marriage of cousins. Most of the theories about high risks for genetic diseases in children are just rumors. It’s true, there might be a slight risk in an increase for a certain disease but it’s nothing too severe. Aside from all the false theories about genetic defects, some believe that marriage between cousins is a form of incest. Incest, in reality, has nothing to do with your cousins, it refers only to your immediate family. Thus, there are no realistic problems in a marriage between cousins.

  7. osman:

    Most of the theories about high risks for genetic diseases in children are just rumors.

    I linked to a study which showed some increased risk, so the risk is not rumor. However, it is not as high as popularly believed either.

  8. country: 7th cousins? I’m surprised they even know they’re 7th cousins… 7th cousins have a common set of great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents, which means their common ancestors lived at least 100 years ago (but probably much longer). I’m sure there are thousands, if not millions, of 7th cousins who are married that don’t even know they are related. so that’s perfectly acceptable…

  9. i recently took a class On islam at my university . it is taught by a muslim professor originally from pakistan who is a very learned man , he is on one of the top california islamic commitees taches in many unviersities and hes on the part of the islamic courts. He in our leacuture cleard the notion of “cousins marrying cousins” unlawful and used the Koran to cite evidence. i would like to know why are there so many different views by scholars and commonors on the same own boy friend is islamic and he is isnt completely sure about many islamic laws and interprets them in a different way than the teachers or other islamic people. i would like to know if the koran is open to many different interpretaions and if yes then how can this issue be solved? email me at thankyou. just trying to get me more educated about islam .

  10. Shefali: There are varying interpretations, just like in other religions. The reasons can be political, cultural, theological, etc.

  11. Forced Marriage in Islam: Post #2

    Previous Posts of this series: Cousin Marriage and Forced Marriage in Pakistan. I did some research for this post. Actually, I asked my sister to tell me what Abdur Rahman Al-Jazairi had to say about the topic in his book…

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    You probably already know from my series of posts on marriage that I don’t like arranged marriages. They are obviously not the disaster that people in the West generally think they are. However, there is one big problem with them…

  13. most of my moms family married thier cousins, my grandparents(moms side)are cousins.I accually married my cousin. We have been married for six years. We have three wonderful children together, all of them are healthy. I live in california and I never tell anyone I meet that we are cousins even close friends because I know their reaction. They’ll think were grose and crazy. I didn’t think there was anything wrong when we got married, because I made the dicision to marry him. It’s impossible to say it’s against religion because we were married by the priest. I have been worried lately though because I’ve been hearing from my family back in my country that there is a disease caused by cousin marrieges. One or two of my family members went to the doctor because they had a medical problem and the doctor told them they have that disease. I’m not sure if there telling the truth or if they falsly diagnosed their problem.

  14. Hi Abhishy , I read about ur problem and I just felt like sharing that even I have a same issue . I am wondering if u r still interested to get married to ur cousin .Please respond asap on this mail id
    I have a way out and for that I need someone who is in similar situation …Wish u havent giveup till yet …

  15. Aslaamualaykum

    well i am married with my cousine ans Mashallah He is more understanding more sensible and he knows what is his responsibilities and he is 3 years younger then me. Im British and he’s Pakistani,,, he sometimes feel so lucky that i have got a brilliant hubby….. people who think that marrying your cousine is a sin or bad thing well i strongly disagree with that, but yes i do disagree with force marraiges aswell as its haraam in our MAZHAB ALLAH HAFIZ

  16. Hi
    I’ve just read this site and feel quite scared and worried cause of the cousin- marriadge thing.
    Because I am married with my aunts son(who is my first and only- borned -maskuline cousin). But the thing is that my husbands parents are also cousines. In other words my aunt married to her aunts son. I m feeling confused cause I dont want to cause my children any harm and at the same time I know that my husband loves me ….PLZ GIVE ME A REPLY…

  17. i’m christian not a muslim, my cousin and i felt in love for many years evers since i was in my teenage years. our family disagreed with our emotion grows, so they really try to take as apart. In that long distance, I conceived a child but not marry the man and he also had a child but not marry the woman because of uncertainties. We thought in that way we could forget each other but it worsen our situation. We suffered for a forbidden love and discrimination. Just lately, we met in coincidence and intimately done romantic moves. Whatever we do ,we have no chance to get marry coz its contrary to our tradition and culture. I STRONGLY AGREE TO COUSINS MARRIAGES BUT NOT FORCE MARRIAGES…..THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS “LOVE IS THERE

  18. I am from South India and have been reading the information that several websites have – it is very misleading. I am certainly not representing those who love each other or how closely related they are – If you are in love, you are already in trouble and that is always true irrespective of the relation tree !!! So far as the Hindu tradition is concerned, YES, it is correct that cousin marriage is/was practiced in India however it does not happen between parallel cousins….its worser than a taboo or like an incest to even talk about parallel cousins getting married in India (and this applies to paternal and maternal side). For eg. I am never going to be allowed to marry my father’s brothers kids or my mother’s sisters kids – if I even talk about it, I stand a good chance of getting thrown out… Marriages are arranged or agreed upon after they match horoscopes and one of the parameters is what is called the ‘Gothra’ or lineage in the fathers side – Same Gothra means same blood or blood relatives – The girl and the boy are expected to have a different Gothra if not they are normally not even considered for a match. The so called cousin marriage is normally first cross cousins (though it is kind of close) or something to the length of second cross cousin or more (often seen as a distant one) Marrying a first cross cousin is slowly going out of fashion because of how much a pain these uncles and aunts can be (can’t even imagine how miserable my life would be having them as my in laws as well – that’s my personal opinion though). The reason that the US claims as proof is that products of cousin marriages would be genetically messed up – the irony is that today a lot of the technology folks – whom the US itself has certified as suitable/best for brain drain working out of India and in the US are probably products of cross cousin marriage….…..I personally think it is only right for a country like the US to respect cultures after due understanding (26 states allow first cousin marriage, but others don’t – which itself is so ironical and divided in a country like the US) and try to understand the facts properly rather than simply discriminate other or impose a different culture.. Yes there are laws in the US against first cousin marriage except in 26 states. From the literature I have read, there are no known laws against marrying second cousins or greater….other than folks sitting on forums and claiming it as incest and what not….

    1. Yh from south India too and If we get married to 1st cousins then it will be to mother’s brother’s son or daughter or father’s sister’s son or daughter …… and now. I understand it’s because of the gotras

  19. I must admire your effort to seek truth. You have pointed to important points and have provided excellent references. If we notice, these references are neither scatterd and nor do they contradict each other. As a matter of fact, these very nicely fit together to conform a much broader message. Leaving room and priviledges for the Prophet. 4:22-24 had already been revealed at the time of the reveleation of 33:50. Which complements 4:22-24 and the context established around 33:50. If you notice 33:49 does not address “Prophet”, it addresses

    33:49: O, You People who have graced yourself with the accpetance of this message OR – O ye people who believe.
    33:50: You, you the prophet, (To create the contrast)
    33:51: Again addresses the Prophet in continuation of 33;50, authorizing whichever “of them(F)” he wishes to keep – he may.

    Now where you are seeking more explaination:
    1. Salim’s point: 4:23
    Among the prohibition list of 4:23 there is no mention of ‘cousins ‘. Neither in prohibited list nor on approved list.
    Please note, there is no mention of maried women as mentioned in 4:24 and no mention of “whom your fathers married” as in 4:22.

    2. Mashhood’s point 4:24
    004.024 “except for these, all others are lawful” (please see below)?

    4:23: is a list of major prohibition.
    4:23, does not mention Maried women, or whom your fathers married for this reason, it is covered in 4:22 and 4:24
    covers maried women. Here word “EXCEPT” in 4:24 is limited to what is said in the first part of 4:24 – which is do not marry, maried women.

    So far cousins are neither prohibitied and are nor approved. When we arrive at
    http://openburhan. php?sid=33&vid=50

    We see additional restrictions. Here is the verse, let us ponder together with sincerity, my objective is to learn together. Specially Some of you have an excellent command over English language. Let us pray for the guidance of Allah Talla.

    You, you the prophet, that We, We permitted/allowed for you
    * your wives/spouses those who you gave their rewards (dowries),
    * and what your right (hand) owned/possessed from what God bestowed upon you,
    * and your paternal uncles’ daughters,
    * and your paternal aunts’ daughters,
    * and your maternal uncles’ daughters,
    * and your maternal aunts’ daughters, who (F) emigrated with you,
    * and a believing woman if she presented herself to the prophet, if the prophet wanted that He marries her,
    This (the above permission) is specially for you, not for the (rest of) believers (**);
    We had known (***) what We had commanded/imposed/ stipulated on them in their wives and what their right (hands) owned/possessed, so that strain/blame/ sin not be on you, and God was/is forgiving, merciful.

    I have identified the woemen with an (*), “the holy prophet” could marry according to this verse. Then It says “This is specially for you, not for the (rest of) believers (**); “

    After this part Allah Taala points out the additional laws which have been established in Al-Nisa (chapter 4) about the additional prohibition list, which we just read.

    We need to ponder, is marrying with cousins OK, if yes then how should we interpret “خَالِصَةً لَّكَ مِن دُونِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ” – Which says “This is specially for you, not for the (rest of) believers (**); “

  20. 5 Years of Blogging

    It has been five years since I started blogging. Over time, my blogging has become more sporadic, but I plan to continue. So today here are some statistics about my weblog.

  21. My husband wishes to marry my maternal first cousin sister. please advise if this is permissible in Islam.

    Thank you

  22. abishy i share the same i am inlove with my cousin and he is my fathers first cousin son he is my life and he shares the same view, but i dont understand why we cant be together he is always going to be the love of my life

  23. You people are sick, a cousin is like your brother/sister, i mean your parents are siblings, you share grandparents with these people and at minimum 1/2 all your ancestors, its pretty sick, the same grandfather and grandmothers blood flows through your veins, its a close relationship.

    I love my cousin sisters and brothers, but to look at them in that way? EWWW thats so sick I would rather die, it creates problems and funny looking kids, look at the Pakistanis in England, 13% more likely to have sick kids due to high inbreeding.

    Its a silly old tradition that must die, look at the muslim world, so sick unhealthy and uneducated.

  24. hi
    my problem is that i’m engaged to my cousin whose mother is my dad’s sister and whos father is my mom’s brother. my parents too are first degree relative. both of my grandmothers were real sisters. my youngest brother had some neurological disorder. he could not carry out any of the daily life activity on his own. we tried really hard to cure him but none of the doctors were even capable of figuring out a correct diagnosis for him. unfortunately he died when he was just 6 years old. now i dont know whether it would be safe for me to marry my cousin?? the doctors used to advise my parents not to marry any of us within our family as the chances of such births might double or tripple.

  25. I’m a 16 year old girl and was forced into performing a Nikkah with my first cousin who is 11 years older than me. I have hated him my whole life with very good reason and the only reason I was pressurised into this was because my father had promised his brother back when I was 10 years old so that he could get British citizenship. It’s sickening and wrong and I have been given an ultimatum, where I have to either marry him and keep my father, or back out of it and my father beaks all ties with me. I just have to say that this is a terrible thing for anyone to have to suffer, and at 16 years of age you feel like yuou have nobody you can turn to – in all honestly, I’m still a child, and despite my mother supporting me, there’s nothing she can do due to fearing what my Dad will do.

    On the other hand, my other cousin and I have loved each other for a long time and are both totally distraught, as heis being forced to marry the sister of the boy I was made to marry. We’re both in the same situation and it’s killing us. I just want to say, that cousin marriages are not wrong, neither are arranged marriages, but forced marriages are below the belt and inhumane. Now we both have to mak a very tough desicion and neither of us know how to do it. He’s not allowed to talk to me on the phone and I can’t call him, so there is no way for us to talk either.
    Girls in forced marriages feel completely alone and fragile. Marriage between cousins is not forbidden, and we should stop worrying about deformed babies because Allah can give you healthy babies or deformed babies regardless of who you marry. I think we all need to sort something out about forced marrages because I feel suicidal, broken and alone, and I know for a fact I’m not the only one. Please, can somebody tell me what I should do. Please don’t say that you cannot commment because you don’t know me, because I need some shred of advice or help or something, or I may just lose all hope. Please.

  26. How about your situation now?
    I have consentrated on this matter for a long time and eager to know the custom of marriage between cousins.Can you help me?Just send email to me.Thanks.
    I am Chinese and it is the topic of my thesis.

  27. Marriage between cousins in Islam is forbidden. I share this view and am able to back it up with my comments which are worth observing

    You have quote verse 4:22-23 and a part of it states that “Forbidden for marriage for you are your mothers”

    Does that mean that i can marry my grandmother??? You will obviously say no very rightly BUT it is not there in the quranic text / quotation in sura 4:22-24

    What i am trying to emphasize is that just as it would be illogical to marry yr grand mothers, in the same way, and identically, you cannot marry your cousins (not specified in 4:22-24 again)

    The verse is brief but the vers surely expects mankind to stretch his imaginations FURTHER as to what is lawful for him for marriage. It is the duty of a person to logically think if he is really allowed to marry his cousins. You will get the right picture supporting my view point in 33:50

    Again taking sura 33:50 into consideration, you may note a para (from it) which I am quoting and which says “O Prophet! We have made lawful to you the wives to whom you have given their dowers; and those ladies whom your right hands possess (from the prisoners of war) whom Allah has assigned to you; and the daughters of your paternal uncles and aunts, and the daughters of your maternal uncles and aunts, who have migrated with you;……………….

    Pls note that it was lawful for the Prophet to marry his cousins here, BUT only those cousins who migrated with him (HIJRAT). So those cousins, who did not migrate with him (HIJRAT), are not lawful for wedlock for the Prophet too

    In the end of the verse it says “this permission is only for you and not for the other believers; We know what restrictions We have imposed on the other believers concerning their wives and those whom their right hands possess. We have granted you this privilege as an exception so that no blame may be attached to you. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.’

    So this privilege is granted only to the Prophet but even he is restricted to marry only those cousins who acccompanied him during HIJRAT (Migration to Medina)

    You have yourself quoted that the marriage to his cousin (UMM HANI) was not possible once the sura 33:50 was revealed

    I have quoted my observations with a view towards stopping this practice of marriage with cousins not actually allowed in Islam but has been misunderstood worldwide. And the result is the high possibility of children born with serious birth defects as has been proved by science. Islam goes parallely with science and not contrary to it

    Shafique Rahman Choudhury

  28. Is first cousin marriage always unhealthy and what medical tests need to be done to make sure that both the cousins are healthy to get married?

  29. ” I do not think these have anything to do with Islam. ”

    I’m sorry but I have to correct your opinion.

    Marriages between first cousins are allowed in Islam. In surat an-Nisa’ (4:22-24), Allah mentioned the women who are forbidden for marriage and then He said, “… Lawful to you are all beyond those mentioned, so that you may seek them with your wealth in honest wedlock…” In surat al-Ahzab (33:50), Allah mentioned to the Prophet that he may marry the daughters of his uncles and aunts from the father’s side or the mother’s side. Muslims have practiced marriages between first cousins in all countries since the time of the Prophet.

    Take a look this: What islam is not

  30. @Abdul al-Rhazib
    I am not sure what you are objecting to. I did say that cousin marriage is allowed in Islam. What I was referring to in that statement you quoted is the prevalence of cousin marriage.

  31. I know of a girl who refused to marry her first cousin because of dislike,but her brother wants to marry his first cousin because he likes her! Both are in 20’s!
    I think every man & woman has a liberty to choose life partner. What is important, ethical & responsible is ,once they say ‘qubool’, both spouse should be sincere to save the marriage.
    Do not enter wedlock if you are not sure. Changing mind later,playing blame game will cause your dear ones & others great misery.

  32. i am in Hindu from Nepal..i am in love with a girl.and she too loves me main problem is she is my cousin..our ancestors about 6 generations back are same.her mother is my father’s distant sister.but our gotra’s are different..can we marry?? please help

  33. @osman
    shame on you that marry your cousins they are your blood ,how can you do that !sick people ,is there not enough man and women out there , how can you think of sleeping whith your cousin ? she or he is like your sister or brother ,well if you have feelings for your first cousin then you have feelings for your sister , what a sick perverts ! im muslim and not like that my cousin is like my sister ,i dont even marry a woman that lives in the same village with me, even the wolf hunts far from where he lives .Im totally shocked from what i am reading , my question is how can you have feelings for your cousin ? o my god

  34. shame on youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sick perverts , why do you marry your cousins . cant speak , im speachles

  35. hey maryam i cant believe wat u r going through it is really sad i would like 2 advise u even though i think that i am really late but u should divorce this man u hate n go with the 1 u luv who gave ur dad the right to force u in marriage(sorry 2 talk about ur dad like that) to marry u off with out ur permission n by force ur father is doin very wrong if u can do every thing is in ur hands 2 divorce this man n inshalla allah will b with the zalimin (the 1 who is with the right but does not get their way) yes i am 16 now i do like my cousin but he does not no if he did i would do everything 2 be with him i am 100% with cousin marriage hamdillah i know many people who r marreid 2 their cousins and they r very fine hamdillah oh and Shafique R Choudhury were the hell did u cum from saying wats right n wrong makin up ur own rules thankyou

  36. Marrying in cousins is not forbidden.
    People who say (especially muslims) that those who marry cousins are sick..are actually in the wrong as you are disagreeing with what Allah has allowed us.

    Shame on you fake muslims!
    Do your research instead of talking about your own feelings you ignorant fools.
    Pathetic intellect!

  37. i think those who believe marring first cousin is unlawful or they may have some problems like unnormal babies, i totaly disagree to this n also dey said marring a cousin dere is no love between the no feeling well i’m sorry to say that it is all wrong i myself is married to my first cousin and we both are in love so deeply and madly i just can’t tell no words cn explain our love and he is the only one in the world who can understand me loves me so much n care for me and is always there for me when i ever needed him and now after 2 years of marriage ALLAH gives us such a beautiful gifts he gaves us our 2 little angels we ave tein a boy and a girl n now mashallah they are 3 years old and in there class they are the smarest kids they learn everthing so fast so this is my meassage to those who believe marring a first cousin is not lawfull or you won’t be happy or you may have unnormal kids well sorry to say that i prove them all wrong and even me my mother and father are both their uncles son and daughter easy way to explain my grand father and grandpa are both brothers n same aas for my husband his mother is married to his mother sisters son and my husband and me both are so smart and genius n smart n for ALLAH grace he is a manager in a hotel and i’m a teacher in a college teaching Englis so we both are normal how come we are not un-normal and our both kids like science nowdays says let me tell you the answer because ALLAH KNOWS THE BEST leave everything to him and believe in him and after that you will get sweet fruit from him and will be thae happiest person in world so to me i never believe in stupid science

  38. My father’s brother’s daughter told me that she is in love with me sooo it possible 4 us to marry..we r it allowed in islam???

  39. To:Zunaib
    of course it is allowed same like my parents my dad is married to his father brother daughter(who is my mom) and masallah they both are really happy and are bless with 5 children including me 6 and we are one big happy family (masallah)
    so if you really like ur cousin go on and tell ur father and I’m sure there will be no problem instead your dad will be joyed.MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU!

  40. As a geneticist, I would say, it is much higher a risk to marry your cousins than to unrelated individuals. We humans have lot of recessive genes(genes that are not expressed and are dominated by another gene). So, most of our disorders are hidden unless 2 recessive genes come together. So, there is a 25% chance that 2 recessive genes may come together and will express. Most of our diseased genes are recessive and are silent and are passed from generation to generation without being felt. Not to mention, there are also thousands of regulatory elements that act in concert with these genes. So, it is best to avoid marrying an individual who is related to you than not. Also, hybrids are always vigorous means, the unrelated the gene pools are, the better the results. So, choice is yours!!

  41. To be honest Im a muslim, my sister is a wise women for her age and she has established the quran and its meanings in english and has taking alot of islam classes in university.. And I never heard that it is allowed in Islam that you can marry your 1st cousin, also I asked her but i foget she really said no or yes im not sure i dont think i should give it away if im not sure 100%. This inspired me as she said this it is harom to marry your cousin and kill a inocent child, a child that does not desirve to dye. And my raletives baby just died ( allah for give her) its because she is married to her first cousin and the child died with to many problems that accured in her stomach. Why would Allah want to kill a inocent child.. And Im sertainly researching to know the meaning or the truth. Well this is just my openion and my veiw and I dont like to judge who am I to judge. The first thing that makes me mad is that why misunderstand and make it into a different words and twisted to ur own meaning.. a beautiful quran which is send down to guide us instead nvm. This is why some people look at Islam into different perspective because some of us as muslims made people look at this way. And I respect all of the realigeons. One thing bothers me that in quran it says ( this applies to guys) that you can only have another wife if you can take care of your first wife and pleasure her if u can take care of her.. Instead mans think it as a different way and say og guys can have more then two while they cant take care of one and leave them when they say another one. Also Islam is nothing to do with culture. If you follow the Islam rules perfectly their isnt any conflict.. Culture is what shapes our nation and the traditions we follow like in our culture oh girls arent suppost to pledge their eyebrows while guys can do WhAtever they want. What when you die do the angles ask you about culture?? No they going to ask you about Islam, did you prey, or were you clean by clean girls must pledge their eyebrows because its for women and that is considered to be clean and as guys go gumble and party it is a huge sin, because I have heard enough all my life you cant do this you cant do that while i watch guys do whatever they want so i knew that is not right.. Antell i did research read quran and everything it says their are equal for guys and girls.. Guys cant be girls and have what they want like girs and same goes to girls that girls cant compete with guys and i learn to except that and forget abt no sense of this and that that our life style was created by non sence culture but i respect it as today.

  42. Hi i love my cousin nephew he is just two yrs younger to me n he too loves me but its written that in islam a man is prohibited to marry his father’s sister so can i marry him pls help me

  43. Please stop cursing those spouses who are related to each others.A cousin marriage,is the best thing that can happen to one.Mutual compatibility,adjustments required,respects involved as well as mutual love or
    the warmth between the couples or their respective families places this type of matrimony on top.Slight
    enhanced risk of genetic ailments cannot off-set the multiple advantages of such alliances.With regards,Surender Pruthi,Sonipat(India).

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