X-Men Origins: Wolverine

While a bit weak at times, I am still a fan of X-men and liked this movie about the origin of Wolverine.

Pan’s Labyrinth

A great movie in the Spanish language.

Reservoir Dogs

This is Quentin Tarantino’s first movie. If you are a Tarantino fan, definitely watch it.


We enjoyed this movie in which Liam Neeson kicks ass.

Slumdog Millionaire

It seems everyone loved Slumdog Millionaire except me.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

It’s a movie based on F.Scott Fitzgerald’s story of the same title of a man who ages backward. I liked it.

Chokher Bali

Chokher Bali is based on a novel by Tagore. That’s why I decided to watch it, but it bored me.

Raging Bull

It is a good movie by Martin Scorsese about the Bronx Bull, boxer Jake LaMotta.

The Tale of Despereaux

Michelle and I both loved this movie of a little brave mouse.

Taxi To the Dark Side

It’s a documentary about Dilawar, an Afghan taxi driver, who was tortured and murdered as well as the torture policies of the Bush administration. I provide a lot of links to information about torture.