A movie about a future Earth full of garbage and an idiosyncratic robot named Wall-E who falls in love.

The Disunited States of America

An alternate history novel about an America in which the union didn’t happen and states are independent.


It’s an animated movie about a rat who wants to be a chef. Absolutely amazing!


A murder mystery set in an alternate history where Britain made peace with Nazi Germany and the US never entered the war, this is a good, fun novel.

Indiana Jones

We watched the first three movies again before watching the latest Indiana Jones movie and enjoyed all of them.

Register to Vote

If you are a US citizen and are not registered to vote, then you should register at the earliest.

Iron Man

Iron Man is a decent superhero movie, worth watching, though it’s no Spider Man or Batman Begins.


It’s a fun treasure hunt game using a GPS.

The Departed

It is a Martin Scorsese crime movie. What more can I say to get you to watch it?

Hilton Head

We went to the beach on memorial day weekend where we had a lot of fun and ate lots of great seafood.