Ocean’s Thirteen

This is the third movie in the series. While better than the second, it is predictable and hence not as much fun as the first, Ocean’s Eleven. I rate it 5/10.

Ocean’s Thirteen is the third movie in the series (not counting the original Ocean’s Eleven with Sinatra) after Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve. We watched and liked Ocean’s Eleven but heard that Ocean’s Twelve was horrendous.

We heard that Ocean’s Thirteen was reasonable and being fans of heist and con men movies, we headed to the theater to watch it. While it wasn’t bad, it was entirely predictable and a bit too easy. Therefore, I rate it 5/10.

Das Boot

This is a very good and realistic portrayal of a German U-boat in World War II. While I loved the movie, the Director’s Cut was a bit long for me. I rate it 8/10.

Das Boot is a movie about a German U-boat during World War II.

As a submarine movie, it is great. Unlike other movies, it is very realistic, showing the claustrophobic quarters and the close contact of crew in a submarine very well.

One issue I had with the movie is that it seemed a bit longer than it should have been. I looked at my watch a few times while watching it. I guess I would have been better off watching the theatrical version (2.5 hours) instead of the Director’s cut (3.5 hours) that I watched.

Oh and I really liked the ending.

I would rate Das Boot 8/10.

Spider-Man 3

Being a fan of Spiderman since my childhood, I have loved the Spiderman series of movies. While I enjoyed Spider-man 3, its plot is a bit week. I rate it 7/10.

We went to the theater one day to watch Spider-man 3.

I have always been a fan of Spiderman since I was a kid and I loved Spider-man and Spider-man 2.

This latest sequel has some interesting ideas that tie in well with the central theme of Spider-man 2. However, the villains in this movie are not that good and the ending somewhat fizzles out. Because of this weakness, I would rate it 7/10.

V for Vendetta

This is a good movie about a fascist Britain and a terroristic hero. Despite its one-sidedness in favor of the main character V, I liked it very much.

V for Vendetta is a movie about a fascist Britain and a sympathetic terrorist in a Guy Fawkes mask who wants to bring it down.

The movie is good. I even liked some of the long monologues. The ambiguous smile on the mask works really well. However, it would have been a better movie if it wasn’t so black and white with all sympathies for V. Also, the ending, which was extremely one-sided also, could be better.

Despite its faults I liked the movie and rate it 9/10.

Annie Hall

Annie Hall is a bittersweet romantic comedy with a neurotic Woody Allen. It is a good, fun movie. I rate it 7/10.

Annie Hall is probably Woody Allen’s best movie. He is at his neurotic best here in a romantic comedy. His monologues are funny mostly. Overall the movie has a bittersweet which should probably be more common in this genre than the saccharine stories one usually sees.

I liked Annie Hall well enough, but I won’t say it is great. And so I rate it 7/10.


It is about the Battle of Thermopylae, a famous last stand. However, being based on a graphic novel, it is bad. Very bad. I rate it 2/10.

So one fine evening I got a call from Captain Arrrgh that we should go see the movie 300 which is about the Battle of Thermopylae (translated as Hot Gates in the movie) between the Spartans and Xerxes’s army.

The movie was very bad. There were strange cliches in the dialog like “freedom is not free,” “mysticism and tyranny” (about the Persians), “law and order,” etc. At times, the movie seemed like a very bad imitation of Lord of the Rings with giants, orc-like Persian soldiers and the Nazgûl-like immortals. Then there is no gravity for the Spartans. There isn’t even any military strategy on the part of the Greek army as they go out of the narrow passage between the mountains quite frequently. Xerxes is an effeminate giant man. Overall, it might have worked as a parody of Lord of the Rings and Matrix.

Then I came home and found out that the movie was based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel. That explains some of the movie’s badness but not all.

I rate it 2/10.


Rashomon is an interesting, though not great, Japanese movie about the nature of truth and different viewpoints. I rate it 6/10.

Rashomon is a Japanese movie about a crime of rape and murder. It shows the differing accounts of the crime. Which is the truth? It never tells us that, or at least not directly.

Having watched a few old Japanese movies, a few things seem very similar, like the rain and the village setting. These old Japanese movies look like low-budget movies and hence some of the production values (as well as the restoration work) are not that good. However, the movie plot is generally decent.

While Rashomon was interesting, it wasn’t great. I would rate it 6/10.

Pirates Of The Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest

Dead Man’s Chest is a sequel and like a lot of sequels is worse than the original. I rate it 4/10.

Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest is a sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl. Since The Curse of the Black Pearl was a fun movie, we decided to watch Dead Man’s Chest.

However, this movie wasn’t much good. The acting, the plot or the even the fun factor wasn’t there.

The movie ended with a setup for a third movie, Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End.

I would rate the movie 4/10.

For a Few Dollars More

This is the last movie of the Dollars Trilogy that we saw. Like the other two, this one is also very good. I rate it 8/10.

And finally we saw the third movie of the Dollars Trilogy.

In For a Few Dollars More, two bounty hunters are after the same man. Sometimes they are together and at other times double-cross each other.

This movie is another classic that must be watched, though as is the case for the other movies in this trilogy, the restoration work isn’t as great as it should have been.

I rate it 8/10.

X-Men – The Last Stand

This is the 3rd movie in the X-Men trilogy. Mutants face a new threat in the form of a cure for their mutations. Then there is also the Dark Phoenix. It’s a good movie and I rate it 7/10.

X-Men – The Last Stand is the 3rd movie of the X-men series. We have seen all three and found them good.

While The Last Stand is a good movie, it looked to me that it tried to mix two plot lines. The main plot was about the “cure” discovered for mutants. This was a good story and would have sufficed by itself without the distraction of Jean Gray’s return as the Dark Phoenix. Jean’s return was interesting and deserved more of a storyline.

Overall, I rate it 7/10.